How much do hearing aids cost?
It’s a question we get asked a lot – and the answer isn’t too simple. There can be noticeable price differences on hearing aids, depending on whether you are searching for discount hearing aids or high-tech hearing aids. Several factors impacts the hearing aid price. Explore some factors, below.
Factors for hearing aid prices
The price of hearing aids depends on several factors, including:
  • Type and level of hearing loss
  • Your hearing aid model
  • Technical features
  • Health insurance coverage
  • Location
  • The type of hearing aid you choose.
The only person who can give you an exact cost for hearing aids is your local hearing professional.

Your hearing care professional will tell you which types of hearing aids are available for you - and will program the hearing aids to meet your specific needs. 
Hearing aid technology
As for the true price of hearing aids – their actual value - there’s a lot we can say. That’s because a lot goes into that price. After all, hearing aids are incredibly advanced, high-tech computers.

The price of hearing aids isn’t measured by just the plastic core you can see on the outside.

Inside most hearing aids are five main components:
  • A microphone
  • An amplifier (or a signal processor)
  • A microchip
  • A receiver (also known as a loudspeaker)
  • A battery
Put all these together and you have a device that can make even people with the most profound hearing losses hear speech like never before.
Personal service
The modern technological components factor into the price of a hearing aid – but they aren’t all that goes into the value of your hearing solution.

The price of hearing aids also includes a high level of personal service.

At Widex, hearing care professionals have the skills and training to find the best hearing aid for your lifestyle needs.

They fit your hearing aid and ensure they are comfortable - and that you know how to work all features to bring you the best hearing in all environments.

They use specialized equipment to measure your hearing loss type, degree, and shape.

Hearing care professionals can also examine your ear and refer you back to your doctor if you have any physical ear problems.

This level of service does add to the price of hearing aids, but it’s necessary for ensuring that your hearing aids work best for you.
Experience the Widex quality 
Widex has a reputation for high quality and stable performance.

We have more than 60 years of experience in developing advanced and innovative hearing solutions.

We know how much you rely on your hearing aids, and Widex hearing aids are built to last and are easy to operate.

It is important that you see a hearing care professional to determine which Widex hearing aids are best for you.

Most hearing care professionals offer hearing aid trials so you can try the hearing aid out in your own environment to find the right hearing solution for your needs.

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1. Visit your local hearing care professional

2. Tell your hearing loss story

3. Take a quick and painless hearing examination

4. Choose your new hearing aids