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New horizons in hearing.
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WIDEX CROS is your solution.
How do hearing aids work?
Delivering such natural, comfortable and intelligible sound is achieved through a combination of complicated technical processes – some of which are unique to Widex hearing aids.

One of these features, the Widex Audibility Extender, makes it possible to “shift” high-frequency sounds that users cannot hear to an area where they can actually be heard. Sounds such as women’s and children’s voices, and birdsong.

The Soft Level Noise Reduction system, on the other hand, reduces unwanted soft sounds – such as the humming of a refrigerator – and keeps the useful soft sounds – such as quiet speech. If you experience too much wind noise, the Wind Noise Attenuation system in hearing aids will help you hear in windy conditions. But just as importantly, hearing speech in wind too.

Widex’ wireless technology, WidexLink™, opens a wealth of possibilities to make life easier and more fun. With WidexLink, your new hearing aids are constantly in communication with each other. But it doesn’t stop there.

Widex DEX™ assistive listening devices use WidexLink to transmit sound between them and your hearing aids. So no matter whether you are watching television, listening to music or talking on your phone, you are connected instantly to a world of sounds with quality hearing aids.

Hearing aid reviews

Julie loves her new hearing aids.

"My Grandson was the usher at his sisters wedding and knew I had new hearing aids asked me if I heard his sister say "I Do". I answered, "Yes, I heard them both!"

It's great having new hearing aids, I hear so much more.

Here at the wedding I was in a group with my six sisters and could hear them even with the background noise and usually two of them talking at the same time.

At home I put them in right away in the morning and have coffee on the porch because now I can hear the birds sing.

When I play Bridge I hear the bids now. Before I didn't hear the bids on my right because of my hearing loss in my right ear. So it's great I love my new Widex hearing aids."

Anastasia hears all her teachers perfectly.

"When I was in high school I had trouble hearing my teachers. As a result, I was seated at the front of the class for every subject.

Before I went to school at South Alabama, I got Widex hearing aids.

Now I can hear all my teachers perfectly, no matter where I sit. I can even hear perfectly in lecture halls!!"

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