Discover the natural choice for power: Your guide to Widex chargers and batteries

Deciding on a power solution for your hearing aid can feel overwhelming. But at Widex, we've mastered the art of natural sound so well that you might forget about hearing loss altogether. Our batteries and chargers are part of this commitment.

The future is here: The rechargeable hearing aid revolution

Rechargeable hearing aids are a modern twist on traditional hearing aids, designed for your convenience. Unlike hearing aids that require disposable batteries, these come with their own built-in power source that you can recharge over and over again.

Think of them like your smartphone. You simply plug them in or place them in their charging case at the end of the day, and they're ready to provide you with another full day of natural, high-quality sound.

Rechargeable hearing aids offer:

  • Elevated convenience: Say goodbye to changing or buying new hearing aid batteries.
  • Earth-friendly: Lessen your environmental footprint with our rechargeable options.
  • A cost-friendly investment: Though pricier initially, the long-term gains are substantial.
  • Chargers that complement: Our range includes the daily-use Standard Charger and the advanced Charge n Clean—the all-in-one powerhouse that cleans while it charges.

Zinc-Air batteries: The time-tested powerhouse

These batteries are the hearing aid wearer’s trusty companions in delivering continuous, natural sound. Hearing aid batteries last anywhere from 5 to 14 days, depending on the power needs of your hearing aids and how long you use them each day. A beep or other sound from your hearing aids will indicate when to change the battery.

A hearing aid with zinc-air batteries offers:

  • Uninterrupted experience: Our zinc-air batteries offer an uninterrupted natural hearing experience.
  • Immediate readiness: Always on standby, these batteries are ready when you are.
  • Affordable choice: Their lower upfront cost makes them a financially sound option.
  • Travel convenience: With zinc air hearing aid batteries, you're always equipped for adventures.
  • Extended shelf life: Prepare for the long haul; these batteries keep their power.
  • Emergencies sorted: Power cuts and storms won't leave you in silence.

Your choice. Your experience

Whatever route you choose, know that you're backed by Widex’s promise of natural sound and expert guidance. Talk with your hearing care professional to find your perfect match.


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