Setting up your smartphone to function best with your Widex Moment hearing aids

The Widex Moment hearing aids supports streaming from Android ASHA compatible smartphones.

This, basically, means that the following applies:

  • When hearing aids with Bluetooth™ are paired and connected to an ASHA-ready (Audio Streaming for Hearing Aids) Android smartphone, any audio streaming is heard in the hearing aids.
  • Users do not need to have the MOMENT app installed in order to stream audio from their Android smartphone to their hearing aids. 
  • The MOMENT app makes it even easier to pair a set of MOMENT Bluetooth™ hearing aids to the smartphone, because we have implemented a pairing flow in the MOMENT app for Android phones.
  • The MOMENT app for Android phones includes the possibility to adjust the sound settings of a streamed audio signal and make Personal Programs for this streamed audio from the smartphone.


In the default setup, a smartphone has sound indication when you touch the screen, click the buttons, change screens, swipe between programs, get notifications from various apps etc. 

These are called system sounds.

We ask our users to turn off system sounds in order to get the best sound and user experience. This is because the system sounds will often disturb the hearing aid sound.

The smartphone perceives hearing aids that are paired to it as a kind of “headsets”, and therefore all system sounds are sent to the hearing aids, thus making the hearing aid go into streaming mode. 

When hearing aids switch into streaming mode the hearing aid settings are changed, for instance, microphones are turned down, and the audio path inside the hearing aid changes. This changing in and out of streaming mode makes the hearing aid sound picture become polluted and confusing for the user.

Besides, the sound system sounds are often short peeps or dings, meaning that before the hearing aid path and settings are changed to streaming mode the sound stream stops, and the hearing aid switches back to normal hearing aid mode. By turning off the system sounds you avoid this switching in and out of streaming mode. 


(Example images from Samsung Galaxy S21. Other Android smartphones setting screens could look slightly different, but sound settings should be turned off in similar ways)

1. Open the Settings app on the phone.

2. Tap Sound & Vibration

3. Scroll down and tap System sound/vibration control.

4. Slide all sounds to the OFF position.

You should also make sure that you turn on the feature Use Volume keys for media. 

Do the following:

1. Return to the Sound & Vibration screen.

2. Make sure that Use Volume keys for media is turned ON.

Compatible phones for ASHA and MOMENT hearing aids

There are a lot of Android smartphones on the market, but only the newest ones actually support ASHA. In order for ASHA to work correctly, Android 11 must be installed on the phone. If you do not have Android 11 installed, please update before you start using ASHA.

You can find a list of tested and compatible phones on the Widex Pro website

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