5 Christmas sounds you don’t want to miss (also when you have a hearing loss)

Having a hearing loss can be challenging at any time of the year. But Christmas is truly the season to unfold our senses.

We take in the smell of the Christmas tree, enjoy the sight of twinkling lights around us, taste the freshly baked Christmas cookies, and feel the warming touch of our loved ones. Every little sensorial stimulus helps us recall the Christmas spirit. And that includes the sounds of Christmas. Here are some sounds that will help you get into the spirit!

Christmas music

You better watch out, you better not cry! Every child and adult alike enjoys listening to the wonderful tunes that are only played during the holiday season. Christmas is filled with lots of sensorial stimuli, and the music is no exception. Because of the age we are when we start to listen to Christmas music, Christmas songs are (usually) a fond childhood memory that tends to hold a special place in our hearts. Are you still listening to the same Christmas songs you were when you were a child? Probably, because they awaken a special feeling that only comes this time of year.  

Carollers or choir singing

Christmas music can bring up a warm, fuzzy feeling. When that music is being sung by carollers or choirs, it adds an extra emotional layer that you just don’t want to miss. Perhaps you went to church every Christmas as a child? There are those childhood memories coming up again. 

In many countries people go to church at Christmas to listen to angelic choirs sing or the little voices of children singing classic hymns. Meanwhile carolling is also widely popular in some parts of the world. Groups of people dress in costumes, like folk costumes or elf costumes, call at homes and walk the streets to sing in the Christmas spirit. 

Did you know…
Carolling is thought to be a pre-Christian tradition with roots in Northern Europe, where people would come together to sing and dance to honour the Winter Solstice, which was part of the Festival of Yule. 

The silent sounds of snow

Granted, you may not live in a place with guaranteed snow or even where there’s ever snow! But if you’ve watched holiday classics like “White Christmas” or “A Christmas Carol”, you probably associate Christmas with cold and snowy weather. If you’re lucky enough to live some place where Christmas is snowy, that crunchy sound of footsteps, children making a snowman or the magical silence only snow can bring will likely awaken that Christmas feeling.

Christmas movies

Speaking of snowy Christmas classics, do you have any favourite Christmas movies you want to watch this year? Christmas movies are an excellent way to get into the holiday spirit – best enjoyed with Christmas cookies, candy canes and your loved ones by your side. And if you wear hearing aids, a solution for hearing the TV sound straight into your hearing aids is a must. 

Subtle sounds of the season

Many subtle sounds make Christmas your Christmas. For some it may be the snow, sounds of the crackling fire, beautiful bells ringing, or even Santa’s ho-ho-ho. Whatever your special Christmas sound is, we hope you’ll hear it this Christmas!

How hearing aids help you enjoy Christmas

When you have a hearing loss you don’t want to miss out on the joyful sounds of Christmas. But you also don’t want excessive noise to make your hearing experience not-so-jolly. 

It’s understandable if you’re tempted to leave your hearing aids on your bedside table to avoid the sometimes-noisy sounds of Christmas. The good news is that today’s hearing aids are much more than sound amplifiers. They minimize background noise, help you focus on speech and help you listen to what’s happening in the direction you’re positioned. They also work to cut back on distortion. Plus, you can use these tips to make listening even easier. 

So, this Christmas, be sure to wear your hearing aids and get into the holiday spirit with the sounds of the festive season. 

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