When you save quiet, you actually wind up saving everything else, too

Widex has always held nature and natural sounds as a guiding light in developing hearing aids.

The ambition of delivering the most natural sounds possible drives us further everyday. It is important that we have access to the best sound recordings of nature when testing out new features and solutions.

We often use the incredible sound recordings made by Gordon Hempton, acoustic ecologist and founder of Quiet Parks international. His aim is to highlight the scarcity of truly quiet spaces left on the planet and by protecting these quiet spaces we will end up protecting the planet in general.

Being able to hear even the quietest sounds is something the Widex has always prioritised in the way we deliver sound, alongside access to speech and loud sounds, and it seems fitting that we use Gordon’s nature recordings in our development process.

If you would like to learn more about gordon’s work here is a link to a recent BBC article and his organisation website is found here: https://www.quietparks.org/

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