How SoundSense Learn makes listening easier (so you can forget about your hearing aid)

Today’s hearing aids come with automation to help you forget about the hearing aid and focus on listening. But what if the listening experience doesn’t match how you want to hear?

Your hearing care professional has done a great job. You’ve got automatic sound environment detection turned on, and you’re all set to go out into the world and listen your heart out! Yet at some point you experience a listening situation where the sound is not quite how you would like it. 

Here’s why: The automatic system in your hearing aid makes assumptions about how you want to hear. And while it’s most often right, occasionally it doesn’t hit the mark. Now you have to adjust your hearing aid settings – maybe only a little bit. 

But where to start? - Enter SoundSense Learn. SoundSense Learn is a technology that helps you control how you hear, in the moment, simply by listening to sound profiles suggested by an app on your smartphone. The easy-to-use interface guides you to better hearing by using simple A/B comparisons. All you have to do is choose what sounds best, based on what it is you intend to hear. The automatic machine learning algorithm takes care of the rest.  

Here’s how it works:

Test participants vote for SoundSense Learn

One of the main goals of SoundSense Learn is to help hearing aid users hear how they want to hear – giving them more control in the moment via a simple and intuitive interface.  So, with the intuitive interface in place, can SoundSense Learn make your listening experience better? 

Widex set out to test just that – how the SoundSense Learn technology performs against the same hearing aid with automatic sound environment detection switched on and off. 

The results were positive: 89% of the test participants reported significantly better sound quality across sound samples with the parameter settings SoundSense Learn achieved. The 89% preferred this setting over a hearing aid with automatic sound detection. The test participants were also consistently happier with the listening comfort that SoundSense Learn achieved across sound samples. In fact, 84% of the participants preferred the settings they could achieve with SoundSense Learn. 

Made for real life

SoundSense Learn analyses your inputs to the app and quickly optimises hearing aid settings in real-life situations. This could mean fewer visits to your clinic for fine-tuning. Plus, you don’t have to struggle to remember and describe the challenges you have faced to your hearing care professional. SoundSense Learn gives you full control of what you want to hear, right now, in real life.  

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