Protect your hearing from fireworks!

For New Year’s Eve you cover your eyes with safety goggles. But it’s not just your eyes that are exposed: so are your ears. That’s why it’s a good idea to protect your hearing from fireworks.

Firecrackers, booms and bangs are all part of celebrating the New Year. But did you know that exploding fireworks can easily exceed 120 decibels (dB), which is far beyond the safe sound level of 85 dB? Being too close to exploding fireworks can result in a temporary or permanent hearing loss, so to be on the safe side you should see them from a distance or wear some kind of hearing protection. 

Did you know…
Fireworks are easily just as loud as a gunshot?

Use earmuffs or earplugs

Experts agree that exposure to noise above 85 dB is dangerous. The louder the sound, the shorter time it takes before a hearing loss could occur. That’s why it’s so important to take care of your own ears and your loved ones’ ears. Make sure no one is exposed to noise and fireworks, either for a long period or at a close distance. Before initiating the festivities, stop by the chemist or drugstore and get some inexpensive earplugs – they can reduce the sound level by around 30dB. It’s a fast and effective way to protect your ears. 

Also keep in mind that if it’s too loud for you, it is definitely too loud for children. In fact, our little ones’ ears are more sensitive and less tolerant of noise. Hearing loss has a huge impact on children and can affect their cognitive development, so it’s a good idea to buy earmuffs for your children when celebrating New Year.

Prepare your hearing aids for noise

If you’re a hearing aid user, you can prepare your hearing aids for all the noise before the show starts. You can choose to turn on the noise reduction program or go for a lower sound level.  You can also combine your hearing aids with earmuffs. Or you could simply turn your hearing aids off while the fireworks are going off. 

Rest your ears on New Year’s Day

After a loud evening, your ears need a bit of rest to recover from all the noise. Experts recommend that you rest your ears for at least 16 hours after really loud events. And preferably for much longer, if you want to decrease the risk of your getting a permanent hearing loss. So take precautions for your eyes and your ears while you’re enjoying the glitz and blitz from the sky and singing in the New Year!


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