Hearing loss in children

”My child can’t hear properly!” is a realization that leaves many parents a bit shaken. But the good news is that in today’s world, it’s easy to help a child improve their hearing just like eyeglasses correct vision.

Help! My child can't hear
Many parents suspect early on that their baby can’t hear. When a newborn isn’t frightened by loud noises, or a 5 or 6 month-old baby doesn’t react to the sound of their own name, this may suggest that they have a hearing loss.

Older kids who can’t hear properly may turn up the volume on the TV or computer very high, or fail to respond when a parent speaks.

Don’t worry: it’s easy to correct your child’s poor hearing.  And the earlier, the better.
Signs of hearing loss in toddlers
  • Trouble understanding what people are saying

  • Needing things repeated a lot

  • High volume on TV or computer

  • Difficulty following group conversations

  • Withdrawing from social situations

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