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Now you can have the Widex EVOKE superior sound with ZPower Second Generation Rechargeable System to provide you with the quality product you expect and deserve. 
Read more about ZPOWER Second Generation Rechargeable System and watch a video about ZPOWER Rechargeable Batteries and Charger. 

What should you consider before choosing a Rechargeable Hearing Aid?

Q: Is there a convenience factor for using rechargeable hearing aid technology? 
A: Rechargeable hearing aid systems are designed to provide a convenient approach and ease of use for the wearer when it comes to using your hearing aids and the batteries needed to power your devices. All current hearing aids on the market use a battery. Traditional batteries require battery replacement on roughly a weekly basis give or take the hearing aid style and brand.  Offering a rechargeable option, means easier daily use for those who might have problems with vision, dexterity or even remembering how to change the battery.  Rechargeable systems offer a solution that anyone can use and enjoy!
Q: Do all rechargeable hearing aid systems deliver the same battery life performance? 
A: No, even when a rechargeable hearing aid uses the same battery, the hearing aid technology is what drives the battery consumption. How do you choose the right hearing aid technology? Look for efficient hearing aid battery drain that does not compromise the hearing aid function. Widex offers the lowest battery drain in the industry. Lower battery drain means higher performance for your hearing aids and rechargeable batteries. 

Why is the Widex ZPower Second Generation Rechargeable Hearing Aid the best choice? 

Widex EVOKE rechargeable hearing aids offer a unique sound advantage coupled with enhanced rechargeable performance and flexibility.


The ZPower® Second Generation Rechargeable System has the highest energy capacity compared to all other rechargeable 312 batteries.  It outperforms other rechargeable options by more than 20%, and the battery can be charged hundreds of times without losing significant capacity.  

The ZPower® Second Generation Rechargeable System NOW has more robust design to reliably have enough power for a full day’s use.


With ZPowered hearing devices, your choice of battery isn’t set in stone.  ZPowered batteries can be easily replaced with standard zinc air batteries at any time, providing more flexibility if wearers forget to charge their devices or are without power.

Widex wearers can go out in any kind of weather and feel confident that their hearing devices will work.  The ZPower Second Generation Rechargeable System now offers an additional coating, giving vital metal parts higher protection from corrosion, so that wearers can take on any kind of weather.


ZPowered batteries are fully recyclable and mercury-free.  The batteries use water-based chemistry which makes them stable, non-flammable and safe for both medical and wearable purposes.  ZPower could never leak toxic components and the battery cannot catch fire-even if it’s handled incorrectly. 

New Widex ZPower Second Generation. Performance Evolved.


Improved charger software optimizes charging accuracy.


PerfectDry Lux™ ZPower Rechargeable dryer to clean and dry while charging. Download this Rechargeable Maintenance guide

Stronger battery spring optimizes battery contact to increase battery life.

Enhanced coating for higher protection of metal parts, reducing the risk of corrosion.

Additional support for a stronger battery door to prevent breakage.


New battery door electronics optimize power delivery and improve long-term battery life.

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