Putting Your child's Hearing First so they can soar

Support for parents to help their child get the most of their Widex hearing aids.

Your Child's Hearing Comes First
Children learn to communicate by imitating the sounds they hear. For children with hearing loss, it is vital that they are given access to as many sounds as possible so they don't miss out on speech and language. That's why Widex hearing aids are designed to not just sound great but to adjust to the different listening environments children are exposed to every day.
Why Widex for Your Child?
Superior Sound Quality
The innovative chip technology in Widex hearing aids for children provides the cleanest, purest sound of any hearing instrument in the industry. With it, your child can enjoy the most accurate listening experience, even in difficult situations.

Hear Better in Noise
Children are often in noisy situations -- from socializing with family, playing with friends and at school. This makes it a challenge to hear speech. Widex hearing aids  reduce background noise to give your child better understanding of speech. The hearing aids also take into account your child's individual hearing loss, constantly analyzing the sound situation and then adjusting themselves. Your child can concentrate on sounds to the left, right and behind, staying safer and better connected to their surroundings. 
Hear Every Word -- Including Soft Sounds
It can be hard to hear high pitched sounds -- like children's voices, birds singing and music. Our hearing aids provide better access to soft sounds, and can even shift these sounds to an area of better hearing if needed. Widex technology also enables your child to pick up important speech cues without adjusting the volume. Missing these cues can lead to frustration, difficulty in school and speech delays. Widex hearing aids automatically make the necessary adjustments so that your child has consistent access to soft speech sounds and won't miss a thing.
Better Concentration
In the classroom, it can be hard to hear teachers when there is a lot of background noise, even with hearing aids. An FM wireless system can help as your child's teacher wears and FM transmitter that wirelessly connects to the Widex FM+DEX. The FM+DEX sends a wireless signal to your child's hearing aids so he/she can hear the teacher's words direct in their ears. FM systems can also be used at home in place of headphones, are perfectly safe and very easy to use.