"It's a superpower."

Singer, songwriter, and musician Scott Simons talks “better hearing” with Widex MOMENT™.
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Scott describes living with hearing loss before getting hearing aids: “You start to withdraw from social interaction for fear of embarrassment. It's exhausting.”

"It's a natural sound- a smoother sound. I hear things I wasn't hearing before"

"I remember soon after putting in my Widex MOMENT hearing aid and tapping on my jeans," he explains. "It was the craziest thing, but I could hear it all so clearly. Like a 3D representation of sound that I hadn't heard before. I could hear my hand; I could hear the jeans; I could hear the air."
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"It's hard to explain the detail these hearing aids offer. It's a natural sound... The difference was remarkable"

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Scott goes from fighting a stigma to finding his "superpower."

When using Widex My Sound, Scott is asked to select his activity, such as dining, then choose his intent, such as concentration. Based on those selections, My Sound draws on tens of thousands of real-life data points and instantly presents him with two sound profile recommendations. The chosen profile can then be saved and activated whenever needed.

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