Brett Hagen Widex MOMENT™ Wearer & Optometrist

“I just hear things better."
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"When I put them on, I teared up because I heard voices in a way I hadn’t in a long time"

Brett discusses life before Widex MOMENT: "Suffering from hearing loss while being isolated by the pandemic, all of that weighs on you".

“I didn’t want to be perceived as old, so I was willing to put up with the hearing loss,” he explains. Recently, though, he’d had enough. Not only was his hearing loss affecting his job and his home life, but combined with pandemic conditions, it was making him feel isolated.
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"I've just decided I'm not putting up with poor hearing, and frankly they don't show anyway"

After trying several hearing aids, he was fit with Widex MOMENT. His response:
"They Sounded So Natural" 

Through PureSound’s ZeroDelay processing, which is ideal for people with mild to moderate hearing loss, Widex MOMENT hearing aids deliver the fastest sound processing in the industry. At just 0.5 milliseconds, it eliminates distortion and other common artifacts to create a more natural sounding hearing aid.


"I live in the PureSound setting…it’s by far my favorite"

Brett states, he loves that when his phone rings, he can answer it through the hearing aids weather in the office or at home. He describes the music setting, “an incredible change in terms of what I am hearing and the experience of listening to music”. He also uses the directional app when having conversations. The PureSound setting makes everything sound natural; no tinniness, no artificial nature to it. 

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