Widex Hearing Aid Featured In Fashion Exhibit

Widex Hearing Aids Featured in Fashion Exhibit

Published 14-07-2016
Last Updated04-12-2019

Hearing aids are not just medical devices. They are fashion accessories.
That’s what Tameka Ellington and Stacey Lim are out to tell the world. The two Kent State University (Ohio, USA) researchers created “Dis(abled) Beauty,” an exhibit to showcase the beauty of hearing aids and other assistive devices at the university’s museum. Among the exhibit’s displays are Widex hearing aids in a variety of fun colors.

“There is an incredible amount of interested in making beautiful and fashionable adaptive devices, assistive devices, and apparel for people with disabilities,” says Lim.
“The feedback has been amazing. I think people come away from the exhibit learning more about disability and having a more positive view of people who have difference kinds of disabilities."
Ellington and Lim say they chose to display Widex Fusion hearing aids because of their great style. Hearing aid jewelry by Mimi Shulman is also on display.  

“We wanted to show how fun hearing aids can be, and we thought that Widex Fusion line does a great job of showing personality and color options,” says Lim.

Overall, the researchers say that the exhibit is designed to take away the stigma of hearing loss and other disabilities. Lim, who has a hearing loss, says that hearing aids allow her to express herself. “I think hearing aids can also become fashion accessories, and we can wear them confidently,” she says. 

Learn more information on the exhibit from Kent State University.