How Widex MOMENT delivers exceptional sound quality in real life

How Widex MOMENT delivers exceptional sound quality in real life

Sound quality plays a key feature for overall hearing aid satisfaction and in everyday moments of real-life hearing. A large international survey of hearing aid users confirms the importance of sound quality, showing higher satisfaction with WIDEX MOMENT™ hearing aids for overall sound quality and in specific situations of real-life use.

As one of the major global hearing aid manufacturers, Widex has a long history of focusing on sound quality, with the aim of achieving the best and most natural sound quality possible. Our newest product, WIDEX MOMENT™, launched with a focus on sound quality expressed in two main features:

  • With TruAcoustics™, you can benefit from a more personalized fitting experience that delivers highly customized sound. You also experience less boominess and a better perception of your own voice!
  • Widex PureSound™ drastically reduces the time it takes for the hearing aids to process sound. This eliminates the tinny or artificial sound common in traditional hearing aids to deliver a more natural sound quality.
Innovations like these improve the sound quality in clearly audible ways. However, good sound is not an isolated quality but a way to achieve higher hearing aid satisfaction across many real-life situations. With this broader view of sound quality, it is perhaps the most important parameter for hearing aid satisfaction, along with speech understanding (especially in noise).

Our survey asked over 100 experienced hearing aids wearers how they rate their experiences using the new WIDEX MOMENT hearing aids, compared to their existing devices, in a range of diverse situations.

Here are some of the key findings:
  • Overall, 91% of respondents were satisfied with MOMENT sound quality
  • When it comes to speech-in-noise, five times as many respondents were satisfied with MOMENT, compared to their own hearing aids.
  • A total of 90% were satisfied with how they participate in daily life when wearing MOMENT.
  • When asked about their overall satisfaction with their hearing aids, 85% indicated they were satisfied with MOMENT, compared to 63% who were satisfied with their own hearing aids.

Would you like to experience your everyday life with the exceptional sound quality WIDEX MOMENT hearing aids can deliver? Try Widex for yourself  and see how MOMENT can help you hear better every day, in every real-life scenario.

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