Widex Helps Alabama Audiologist Provide Best Service, Solutions for Patients 

Laura Mount knows a thing or two about hearing aids. A practicing audiologist for more than a decade, she’s worked with a wide variety of brands, fit thousands of patients, and gathered a massive amount of product feedback along the way

Having worked as both a health care provider and a tech support specialist for a hearing aid manufacturer, she’s always had an inside look into which devices and technologies are helping patients the most. Today, one answer is clear across the patients she treats at her own practice, non-profit clinics, and other health care facilities in California and Nevada.

“Widex MOMENT hearing aids are an undisputed favorite. No matter where I am or a patient’s age, degree of hearing loss, or demographic, it’s a resounding ‘yes’ to Widex,” Mount says. “When a patient starts wearing Widex, they rarely want to switch. They notice right away how natural everything sounds, how easily they can pick up on inflections in tone, and how accurately they can gauge their surroundings.”

The companion Widex MOMENT™ app is also a hit, with many of Mount’s patients quick to embrace the vast level of control. MOMENT™ wearers can adjust the volume, bass, middle, and treble of their hearing aids, customize their listening intent, receive optimized sound recommendations, stream directly to their hearing aids, and more, all from the convenience of their smartphone.
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