Hearing Life to its Fullest

Published 09-06-2017
Last Updated04-12-2019

From wedding parties to kayaking trips, read how this near Widex wearer is hearing and living life to its fullest.
Enjoying Every Moment of the Wedding
My Grandson who was the usher at his sisters wedding and knew I had new hearing aids asked me if I heard his sister say "I Do".  I answered, "Yes, I heard them both!"  It's great having new hearing aids, I hear so much more.  Here at the wedding I was in a group with my six sisters and could hear them even  with the background noise and usually two of them talking at the same time.  At home I put them in right away in the morning and have coffee on the porch because now I can hear the birds sing.  When I play Bridge I hear the bids now.  Before I didn't hear the bids on my right because of my hearing loss in my right ear.  So it's great I love my new Widex hearing aids.

A Fun Day Down the River
I have been having fun celebrating my 76th birthday.  It included kayaking down the Crow Wing River with 5 sisters, 1 brother and 4 brother-in-laws!!  I would like to have my story shared with others.  I didn't realize how much of life I was missing out on until I got my hearing aids.  Getting hearing aids was a great decision.   Now I'm having coffee in the morning while listening to the birds sing versus quietly sitting in the kitchen.  I now hear my children and their spouses as they share family stories. Hearing my grandchildren when they say "I do" or give a speech at school, or whisper a secret is now part of my life.  I don't have to read lips to "hear" the bid when I play Bridge.  These benefits so outweigh the concerns of adjusting to wearing hearing aids.