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How Widex technology is different compared to other hearing aids on the market. 

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How we deliver industry-leading sound

Widex delivers industry-leading sound by capturing as much of the sound environment as possible, delivering speech so wearers can hear well with less effort, and delivering automatic personalization when wearers need it and direct control when wearers want it.

Sound Capture

True Input Technology with a dynamic range of 108 dB endures that Widex hearing aids capture sound with no distortion. In addition, our high sampling rate and four analog-to-digital converters convert the sound into a digital signal that the hearing aid can process and deliver to the ear with industry leading speed. This means Widex wearers benefit from a more natural sound that preserves all of the details important for speech understanding and listening enjoyment.

Speech Intelligibility 

Widex technologies help hearing aid wearers understand speech sounds in a variety of environments.
  • HD Locator provides directional control to emphasize speech
  • Speech Enhancer RT reduces noise and enhances speech, making it easier to listen
  • Soft Level Noise Reduction reduces soft background noises so speech stands out

Intelligent Personalization

  • Sound Class Technology automatically analyzes and classifies the wearer’s environment and adjusts to maximize either their comfort or ability to hear speech
  • SoundSense Learn uses artificial intelligence to help the user personalize their sound to meet their current hearing goal with a few simple taps on a smartphone app

Whether you’re walking in the woods and want to hear the leaves crunching under your feet or dining in a noisy restaurant and want to focus on your company, Widex hearing aids can help you hear the way you want to.