The Widex sound

It's what makes us unique - but what is it? Understand what our commitment to sound quality means, how it works and wearer testimonials. 

Experience the Widex Sound for yourself

Pure, Natural Sound

Our commitment to sound quality starts with some simple, fundamental beliefs. 
  • A hearing aid won’t be effective unless it captures and processes as much of the sound environment as possible. 
  • A hearing aid should help its wearer distinguish and understand speech no matter the environment, noisy or quiet.
  • A hearing aid should deliver what its wearer wants, whether comfort or clarity, when they want it.
  • A hearing aid should give its wearer the ability to hear the world perfectly.

These beliefs drive the technical innovations that result in “the Widex Sound”—a sound that is pure, clear, natural, comfortable, and customizable.

Don't take our word for it, see what current wearers are saying: 

I've tried most major brands of hearing aids, only Widex delivered the most natural sound reproduction. I can now hear sounds that I had never previously experienced. 
John G., United States
Previously I had another hearing aid that was expensive but there is no comparison between that hearing aid and the superior Widex hearing aid. 
Felix F., United states