The secret cell phone solution for hearing loss

While phones for hearing impaired people have been around for many years, devices for hearing aid compatible cell phones have only recently hit the market. There’s also a device that will help improve hearing by streaming sound from almost any cell phone directly into your hearing aids. It’s called CALL-DEX from Widex and it’s changing how people with hearing loss use their phones.

How it works

While cell phone technology has improved immensely over the past ten years, the sound coming from that tiny phone speaker remains difficult to hear for people with hearing loss – even when they use hearing aids. That’s why Widex developed CALL-DEX, a device smaller than a matchbook that plugs into most cell phones and lets you discreetly stream calls directly to your hearing aid.

Setting up CALL-DEX is simple: Just plug it in and hold it up to your ear as you would with any telephone. Instead of sending sound out through the phone’s speaker, CALL-DEX will send it directly to your hearing aids. The battery lasts for 80 hours, so you have plenty of time to chat.

A Bluetooth Alternative

You may have heard about Bluetooth for hearing aids. We took a different approach with CALL-DEX. CALL-DEX has WidexLink, a unique wireless technology. Unlike Bluetooth, the most common form of wireless technology, WidexLink is designed specifically for the demands of hearing aids.

It uses less power, is extremely fast and ensures there are no delays or drop-out of sound.

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