Is SmartRIC the right hearing aid for you?

Finding the right hearing aid to match your lifestyle can be a journey.

Enter Widex SmartRIC, the latest hearing aid from Widex.

Whether you're an adventurer at heart, a seeker of pristine sound quality, or a tech enthusiast, SmartRIC stands ready to exceed your expectations. 

SmartRIC is a natural choice for:

  • Adventurous spirits with active lifestyles
  • People with significant levels of hearing loss
  • Those with milder hearing loss
  • Individuals who value technology 

Read on to explore how SmartRIC could be a transformative choice for you or your loved one.

For the adventurous: Sailing through the breeze

If your heart beats faster for the great outdoors, you're familiar with the challenges that wind can impose on your ears. SmartRIC hearing aids cut through this challenge with cleverly designed microphone covers that mitigate wind interference, so you're free to conquer your next adventure with the soundtrack of life in clear quality.


For heavier hearing loss: Hear every word

When background noise blurs the lines of communication, SmartRIC’s directional microphones help bring speech into focus.

SmartRIC’s pioneering L-shaped design isolates the sounds you want to hear, making conversations more accessible and engaging, even in noise.

For mild hearing loss: The beauty of PureSound

Experience sound that’s as close to natural as it gets, with Widex PureSound™ with ZeroDelay technology.

Designed specifically for users with milder hearing loss seeking an undetectable hearing aid experience, PureSound delivers pure, immediate sound, blending seamlessly with your world.


For the Tech-Savvy: Where style meets function

For those who value tech and style, SmartRIC is the epitome of both.

Its sleek design pairs with a portable charger and intuitive controls through the Moment app. Immerse yourself in a hearing aid that not only complements your lifestyle but also elevates it.

Experience the SmartRIC advantage

Overall, SmartRIC is great for a range of users – from total newbies to seasoned hearing aid users looking for an upgrade.

Curious about how SmartRIC can offer you new angles of natural hearing? Experience it for yourself at your local hearing care professional. 

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