If you could change one thing about your hearing aids, what would it be?

Perhaps you wish it didn’t sound like a hearing aid. Perhaps you wish you could personalise it to be completely unique to you and your hearing preferences. Maybe you wish it was rechargeable? Or maybe you long for a hearing aid which can keep up with your fast paced lifestyle.

WIDEX MOMENT™ hearing aids give you all this and more!A revolutionary solution when we launched it in March 2020, WIDEX MOMENT™ has just got even better this year! Keep reading to find out why WIDEX MOMENT™ is our most impressive hearing aid ever!

PureSound™ with ZeroDelay™ technology

Hearing aids are incredible devices that open up a world of sound. But, there is no denying artificial sound is a problem faced by most wearers - until now.

Imagine putting in a hearing aid, and instead of being blasted with a cacophony of unnatural, unfamiliar sound, instead you just hear life, exactly as it is meant to be heard. That is what you get when you wear WIDEX MOMENT™.  Forget about unnatural sound tainting your experiences of everyday life, and instead, hear every sound as it is meant to be heard.

How do they sound so natural?

Typically, sound processed in a hearing aid reaches the eardrum later than sound heard directly - when these two ‘out of sync’ signals mix, you get an artificial sound.

The PureSound™ program in WIDEX MOMENT™ features patented  ZeroDelay™ technology, which processes sound 10 times faster than any other hearing aid, resulting in the most natural sound ever. In fact, it is so natural, you might even forget you are wearing hearing aids! And after all, isn’t that exactly what you want from a hearing aid? It’s certainly what we have been striving to achieve for the past 65 years.

Individualised sound, as unique as you – however you want it!

All that sounds great. But, what if you find yourself in a situation where the sound your hearing aid is giving you just isn’t quite right? Maybe you want to be able to better focus on your friend talking to you, or maybe you want to drown out the people talking around you and focus on the music.

Thanks to the machine learning capabilities of SoundSense Learn™ in WIDEX MOMENT™ hearing aids, you can always get exactly the sound you want wherever you are, in that very moment. This extremely sophisticated form of artificial intelligence guides you to individualised sound through the WIDEX MOMENT™ app. Whatever environment you are in, and whatever challenging sounds you face, you can find and save your perfect settings, completely unique to you. And because the hearing aids are always learning from your choices, they get better over time, so are more able to accurately predict what you want.

And now, not only can your hearing aids learn from you, but with the new dual artificial intelligence functionality, you can now also choose to take recommendations based on big data from users all over the world – making finding the perfect sound in any given environment as easy as selecting from two different options.

All this incredible functionality can be accessed through an incredibly simple and easy to use app on your smartphone -so it’s discreet, easy and fast!

Discreet, convenient, reliable

The incredible brains behind our amazing devices have managed to fit all this technology into the world’s smallest rechargeable receiver-in-canal hearing aid - WIDEX MOMENT™ mRIC R D. With its discreet style and up to 20 hours use off a 4 hour charge, you can rest easy knowing you have all the power you need, without fiddly batteries to change. And now, you can even choose to upgrade to a Charge & Clean case, which means your hearing aids can be dried and cleaned whilst they charge overnight – keeping your hearing aids in tip-top condition and optimal working order  for even longer.

Your sound, your style

WIDEX MOMENT™ hearing aids don’t just sound spectacular – they look great too! Refined, sleek and discreet - with a huge range of colours and styles available - you will find a device to suit your own personal tastes and needs. Our portfolio of WIDEX MOMENT™ hearing aids is our biggest ever, including 3 Receiver-in-Canal, 2 Behind-the-Ear and 3 In-the-Ear models.

And that’s not everything! We haven’t even mentioned the Bluetooth streaming capabilities, control through the app, unique sound class technology or the long list of amazing Widex elements which make these hearing aids so incredible! In fact, we could talk all day about the features of WIDEX MOMENT™– but we know you are busy people!

To take a look at the Widex Moment™ range, click here.

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