5 reasons why you should get a hearing test

Taking a hearing test may not be on your bucket list. But even if you only slightly suspect that you have a hearing loss, don’t ignore that gut feeling. Now’s the time to get your hearing tested. Here are five good reasons why.

Hearing loss affects every aspect of your life

Our five senses keep us connected with the world around us – they help us form relationships and generate perceptions of the world. So the prospect of losing one of these senses is a scary and often isolating experience. 

Did You Know?
94% of hearing aid users believe that their hearing aid has improved their quality of life.

If you are suffering from hearing loss, you may find that life has become a little less enjoyable. Your relationships with your loved ones could suffer, you may struggle to enjoy social situations, and going to the beach just isn’t the same if you can’t hear the waves crashing against the shore. Every aspect of your life is different with a hearing loss. 

Hearing loss can affect your health and wellbeing

If you have a hearing loss, your brain needs to focus more of its energy on the simple task of hearing. Everyday conversation becomes more tiring because your brain works harder to try to decipher what’s being said. This can make you and your brain exhausted and can affect your ability to remember details. 
Untreated hearing loss is associated with a greater risk of developing dementia – one study has shown that the risk of developing dementia is up to five times higher in people with severe untreated hearing loss. 
Untreated hearing loss can even lead to depression, and it’s more likely that you suddenly depend on others in your day-to-day activities.

You may not even know that there is a problem

On average it takes 10 years for a person with hearing loss to address the issue. 
Hearing loss is usually a slow process, so you may not even notice it is happening. Or maybe you’re in denial about the extent of your hearing loss. It’s often family or friends who first encourage you to come for a hearing test. No matter how severe (or not) you believe your hearing loss may be, a hearing test can give you definitive answers and peace of mind. And it can start your journey back to more normal hearing.

Take a hearing test – the sooner the better

The earlier a hearing loss is detected, the sooner you can start enjoying a better quality of life again. A survey of hearing aid users found that 71% of users believe they should have got their hearing aids sooner, because getting a hearing aid improved their social life, mental and emotional health, and performance at work – among other things.

Hearing loss is surprisingly common

Around 466 million people worldwide have a disabling hearing loss. The World Health Organization estimates that by 2050 over 900 million people will suffer from hearing loss. 
Hearing loss can be caused by a variety of factors – it can be a normal part of aging or caused by experiencing high noise levels over a long period of time. Some people are born with a hearing loss. 
Whatever the cause, you can do something about it. Start by taking an online hearing test – and get in touch with a hearing care professional in your area.

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