5 tips for protecting your ears at a concert

For many, loud music is a part of the concert thrill. Use these tips to enjoy the sound fully while protecting your hearing.

High volume levels from loud speakers can lead to noise-induced hearing loss or tinnitus, ringing in the ears, with sounds hitting up to 120 db. According to the American Hearing Research Foundation, more than 15 minutes of exposure at this level can cause hearing loss or tinnitus. So how can you enjoy a concert without hurting your hearing? Below are some tips to use at your next concert:

Pick your seat carefully - Consider seat proximity to speakers when choosing your spot. Try to site at a reasonable distance from the stage and array of loud speakers. While the front row offers the best view, it is the worst place for your ears. 

Keep the kids at home - If you want to sit close, make sure to leave your kids at home. Children's ears are especially susceptible to loud noise and a particularly loud concert can even cause damage. In 2012, an Oregon mother sued pop start Justin Bieber for the tinnitus that her daughter suffered after his concert. 

Use hearing protection - Use noise-cancelling headphones or earplugs when attending a loud concert. Usually, volume levels are so high that you will still be able to enjoy the music while wearing hearing protection. 

Check the levels - Apps like dB Volume Meter and DeciBEL allow you to check volume levels at concerts. If the level is over 90db, move to a quieter area.

Take a break - If you simply must experience loud music without hearing protection, try to limit your exposure. Even a 1-minute break from the action can give your ears a rest and help prevent hearing damage.

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