How AI-powered hearing aids can help you hear better

You’ve no doubt come across Artificial Intelligence before, but did you know that you can get AI-powered hearing aids to help you personalize your hearing?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used for many things today. It ranges from simple AI that helps suggest your next Netflix movie to complex Machine Learning AI that can predict future outcomes based on what humans have taught it. 

You can train AI-powered hearing aids

Yes, AI can seem quite daunting when you think about how it can effectively predict cancer (more on that below). And a lot of the AI we surround ourselves with today is completely automatized, so we don’t really need to think about it. But there are also AI systems that you can easily train yourself, so that the AI learns. That goes for your hearing aids too – learn more in the video below.


The term AI was coined in the 1950s, and nowadays it’s found in every home. That’s because AI makes our lives a lot easier in many ways. For instance, it’s used to give you recommendations for your next holiday, movie, purchase… you name it. 

Essentially, AI is when a system or a machine is trained by humans to carry out a task that a human would be able to do. For instance, finding the fastest route by looking at a map.

With enough training, AI can predict outcomes

The deeper AI system called Machine Learning can predict outcomes based on what humans have taught it.  Although you can never be too sure that the outcome is 100% correct, a study that used Computer Assisted Diagnosis to predict cancer showed that the AI system was able to predict 52% of cancers a year before they were diagnosed by humans. When humans have that kind of information so far in advance, it helps improve treatment. 

So, AI can do so many things that help improve our lives, including improving hearing in the moment via hearing aids and apps. But even if AI sometimes seems to be smarter than humans, remember that the system is trained by people, and it will always need humans to give input, keep it updated and set the success criteria. 

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