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We at Widex are committed to producing great sound and bringing that sound to everyone. We asked hearing aid clients how their lives have improved since they were fitted with Widex hearing aids. These are the stories they shared.

Stories We Hear Contest Winners

Thank you to everyone who participated in our contest. We loved reading your heartwarming stories. Congratulations to the two grand prize winners below!

N. Kouneli, Calgary, Alberta, Hearing Works

I am a long-time Widex user and I have always loved the natural quality of Widex hearing aids, but it was with Widex Moment that I heard those smaller, beautiful sound details for the first time: my cat purring while sleeping next to me on the couch, the subtle difference between the sound of my coffee grinder while it’s still working my beans and when it’s empty and ready to brew my morning coffee, and the background traffic noise on my way home turning into a soft, breeze-like sound. Widex Moment is not just about natural sound and clarity - it’s about the joy of detail.

T. Pomroy, St. John’s, Newfoundland, Quality Care Hearing

Hello, my name Terry Pomroy I am sending this message to say how amazing the Widex Sound Assist machine is and how it has changed my life completely. First of all, I am not shying away from conversations in large groups of people. I am able to communicate with who ever I want to at parties and other social gatherings which I find extremely helpful because I have alot of friends and I spend alot time in large gatherings. When I am at work I use a two way radio and it’s simply amazing how much better I can communicate with people while I am working. It has changed my working environment completely and I look forward to hearing so much more every day at work. Also, while I am at home with my wife and family we are able to communicate and totally enjoy our lives together because now we don’t have to always be repeating ourselves so it certainly has changed my quality of life and I can’t wait to see how much better my life will be going forward as I continue to be able to communicate and totally enjoy all of the different sounds that I was missing out on in my life before I got my new Widex Sound Assist machine.  Myself and my family would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for changing my quality of life for ever and if you ever want me to tell anyone else about my experience feel free to contact me and I will gladly help you and anyone else who will benefit from this amazing service. Thank you so much.

Jason Burke's Story

 “When my daughter was born, I could hear her at night when she was crying so I could get up and help care for her, but when my son was born, when he cried or needed to be cared for, I couldn’t hear him at all.” - Jason Burke

Click below to read Jason's full story on how Widex hearing aids improved his life.
"Music has been my best friend, my psychologist and my haven my whole life. This statement became my mantra during the pandemic. As an amateur pianist and professional registered nurse, my Widex Moment RIC 10 hearing aids in shocking pink became indispensable. Masks, face shields and stress became the norm, and as a result of my hearing aids, thankfully I didn’t miss a beat, both at work and playing some of my favourite music. I am wearing my hearing aids, but you can’t see them, and that is how I like it! Thank you Widex for making superior and stylish hearing aids!"
A. Chrzanowski
"I am on my third Widex pair and the total experience has been uplifting! The hearing aids have been very easy to use, easy to adjust. and long lasting. They are also very light weight and unobtrusive."
C. Hordal

"I now use Widex hearing aids on a daily basis. They have improved my confidence at work and my overall quality of life. The rechargeable feature really fits my lifestyle so I always feel ready to go with them!"
K. Jarvis

"I even enjoy the beautiful summer sounds when I just sit in the garden. I am having great satisfaction with my new Widex hearing aids!"
S. Hanlon
"What a huge difference and I’m so glad they are practically invisible! I love that I can stream anything from my phone into them. There is no shame wearing these, more people should invest."
L. Douthwright
J Grant Image
"My Widex Moment hearing aids…I would be lost without them, lost. Out of conversations, never learning why everyone was laughing hilariously at a story, never hearing the sound of the songbirds at my feeder. Thanks to Widex now I can hear. My audiologist used the features of my Widex Moments to adjust the hearing aids to my exact hearing loss and the app lets me tweak them even more. Thank you, Widex."
J. Grant

Meet Patrick Fowler

Patrick is a car fanatic, music enthusiast and grandfather from Newfoundland. He stopped playing the accordion when his hearing loss was diminishing because he couldn't hear it anymore. His daughter helped him on his hearing journey so he could get back to the things he loves, like engaging with his grandson and playing music. Patrick now has control over what he wants to listen to and what he wants to tune out.

Campiou Quote

"I put off wearing hearing aids for a very long time because I thought I would be embarrassed if people could see me wearing them. I thought aids wouldn’t make much of a difference. Not one person has noticed, not even my close family. Now I tell everybody I am wearing them because I feel proud to be able to hear clearly again. I like seeing the surprised look on their faces when I tell them I am wearing hearing aids. Actually, I get a kick out of it. I can’t thank my audiologists enough for recommending Widex Moments. The App support is awesome. I have complete control of my settings and it’s so easy to use. Also, being able to take cell phone calls direct to my hearing aids is a blessing. It’s 100% clear and I can control the volume rather than ask the caller to speak up."

E. Gravel

"Just own it!" Devon Miller's Story

Devon is a mom of two small children who loves socializing with family and friends, swimming, reading and watching reality TV. She found she was struggling to hear people in group settings, using subtitles while watching television and often asking people to repeat themselves.

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