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Did you know, 63% of Widex ZEN technology users said their tinnitus has significantly reduced their symptoms and overall awareness?* Manage your tinnitus for restful nights and productive days with Widex ZEN Technology. 

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The life changing product helped me cope with my tinnitus...
"I have been suffering from tinnitus since 2014 and recently reached a point of desperation with no more than 2-3 hours sleep per night. After much searching on the web I found an audiologist who recommended your product and it has been a God send for me. I am now able to sleep at nights which has improved my quality of life! You cannot put a price on sleep. So thank you for this incredible life changing product to help cope with my tinnitus!"
I now have better concentration, resulting in less fatigue...
"My Widex hearing aid has helped me to reduce the stress that tinnitus has caused in my life. Often by the time I would arrive home my fatigue level would be off the chart due to constant tinnitus. Zen therapy has allowed me to have better levels of concentration, resulting in less fatigue."
These hearing aids have literally saved my life...
"It is incredible the hearing aid technology actually gathers information while wearing them while using the Zen tinnitus program! From this information my specialist was able to tailor them to my specific needs. I now sleep with them so that I am not disturbed with my tinnitus. These hearing aids have literally saved my life!"
*Johansen, Jette. "Effect of Counseling, Amplification and Fractal Tones in Tinnitus Management" (2014). Journal of Communication Disorders, Deaf Studies & Hearing Aids.