Widex Wearer Hears and Sings Sweet Melodies Again

Published 05-07-2017
Last Updated04-12-2019

Read how this Widex wearer goes beyond to share her joy of music and singing sweet melodies again. Now she can rejoin her singing partner and husband for their duets along with her church choir.
During the last two years, my hearing seemed overly challenged and had deteriorated to the point that I no longer felt confident to sing in the church choir.

I could no longer sing duets with my music professor husband because I could not recognize many familiar melodies. The stress of losing my personal identity as a singer, entertainer was frightening. My experience in theater and music made me acutely aware of subtleties in sounds. 

We invested in a fourth set of hearing aids, but this time, Widex. I am so grateful for the high-tech advances of Widex. I am joining the choir again and hoping to sing with my husband again. After losing hope for the last two years, regaining hope because of better hearing is a beautiful thing - Doris Burns