Why you should get your hearing checked

Published 21-03-2019
Last Updated04-12-2019

"I hear perfectly fine." "I don’t need a hearing aid." "Everybody mumbles." Lots of us have heard these excuses many times. If the people you love, say they can’t hear you, maybe it is time to get their hearing checked. And there are plenty of good reasons why you should get your hearing tested.

#1 Untreated hearing loss could lead to cognitive decline

When your brain doesn’t receive the signals that it was expecting from the ear, It will start to borrow from other available resources to try and figure out what’s going on (like when you’re really trying to focus on understanding the story that little Emma is telling you about her trip to the zoo). This means, other brain functions may now have fewer available resources to do their job. When untreated hearing loss is present for an extended period of time, this could potentially lead to cognitive decline, Alzheimer’s or dementia. Hearing aids can prevent this from happening, or at least delay the effects of hearing loss. So if you do need a hearing aid, it’s a good idea to start by getting your hearing checked. 

#2 There could be an underlying cause to your hearing loss

Hearing loss is not always caused by age or exposure to loud sounds it has many different origins. Diabetes is one – in fact, a study showed that people with diabetes were more than twice as likely to get a hearing loss as those without. Ear infections and cardiovascular diseases have also been linked to hearing loss – and, in very rare cases, so have tumors in the outer or middle ear.  

#3 Untreated hearing loss can impact your social wellness and overall mental health

It’s not uncommon to want to stay home from the big family dinner when you can’t really follow the conversation anyway. A lot of people who don’t hear well have this feeling. But cutting ties with your social life could make you feel lonely, depressed or isolated. Research suggests that social support from your family and friends can decrease the risk of depression from untreated hearing loss, so it’s important to continue your social life. And, with hearing aids on, dinner with your family won’t be so exhausting! 

#4 You can take action to hear better again

If you’re diagnosed with hearing loss, maybe you will be advised to get hearing aids. The good news is that hearing aids go a long way to restoring your hearing and keeping up your quality of life. Even if it seems unnecessary, a hearing aid can help the functions of your brain and prevent further hearing loss or any other effect of untreated hearing loss

Not good enough reasons?

Well, there’s always the bonus of free coffee and the fact that your family and friends will be thankful that you went. But, really, you should do it for your overall health and well-being. Getting your hearing tested doesn’t take long, and it doesn’t hurt… So what are you waiting for?
You can always start with a free online hearing test.