Texas Tenor Sings Praises of Better Hearing

Published 18-10-2016
Last Updated04-12-2019

Dealing with hearing loss since grade school, and now, J.C. Fisher feels like he has normal hearing. 
As one-third of the singing sensations The Texas Tenors, J.C. Fisher says he has dealt with a hearing loss since grade school.

“I still remember the hearing test they gave me when I was in the fourth grade,” Fisher says. “It said I had a hearing loss, but all they did was put me in the front row of the classroom.”

Fisher chalked his difficulty hearing up to heredity, and did little about it until his senior year in high school.

“My mom took me to get a pair of hearing aids, but they were the old analog type. I wasn’t very disciplined about wearing them and they didn’t help much.”

After starting college, Fisher began singing more, eventually making music his major. “I bought another pair of hearing aids so I could hear better, but I didn’t use that set like I should have either,” he admits.

Following college, Fisher began singing professionally, but it wasn’t until he teamed up with fellow performers Marcus Collins and John Hagen for the television program America’s Got Talent, that his hearing loss became a career liability.

“It’s important to be able to hear the other harmonies when we sing,” Fisher explains. “I felt like I was a little off key when we performed.” After The Texas Tenors became finalists in the competition, Fisher decided it was time to find someone to help him with his hearing. 

“Because I had purchased hearing aids before, I wasn’t looking forward to going through the process again.” But when a friend recommended Associated Audiologists, the Kansas City area’s premier audiology practice, he decided to give them a try.

Fisher scheduled an appointment and his audiologist conducted a comprehensive evaluation, diagnosing him with a significant high-frequency hearing loss.

“The Widex hearing aids I wear are custom-fit just for me. For example, I have a remote that I can use to soften the background sound of the band. That helps me hear the guys’ voices better.

“My experience with Associated Audiologists was different from the other providers I had been to,” Fisher says. “They were thorough and professional. They used the latest technology to evaluate my hearing and recommended hearing aids specifically for my situation.”

With the success of the Texas Tenors, Fisher and his partners are busy touring and performing everywhere from the United Kingdom to Branson, Mo. 

“For the first time in years, I feel like I have normal hearing,” Fisher says. “I’m glad I found Associated Audiologists. I am confident that the Widex technology they recommended is the best for my individual circumstances.”

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