Join the #HearTogether Movement

Widex aims to make better hearing a social movement through the new #HearTogether campaign

How Does Hearing Improve Your Connections?

Every year we proudly celebrate Better Hearing Month in the month of May. Yet, this year, we aim to make the important message of gaining better hearing resonate all year long with our new wearer spotlight campaign, called #HearTogether. In our interactive testimonial website, Widex wearers can both share their better hearing story as well as quantify the number of connections with which their relationships have been improved due to better hearing.

In fact, far too often is the lifestyle empowerment benefit from wearing hearing aid mentioned in conversations around choosing whether to wear hearing aids or not. Unfortunately, as a result too many people continue on with untreated hearing loss and limitations in their communication abilities that impacts the quality of their connections and lives. Through this campaign, we hope to put those positive outcomes into the spotlight to give all considering hearing aid technology the confidence to act upon that decision.

Join the Movement Today!

We encourage all Widex wearers, whether first-time or long-standing wearer, to visit the website to submit your story along with numbers of improved connections. These connections all feature a gallery of submitted stories and include the categories of colleagues, friends, family, grandkids, parents and spouse. For limited time in May, we will be giving away two premium media accessory packages to entrants into the website which will help connect most Widex hearing aids with many media devices. 

For those not yet wearing Widex hearing aid technology, it's never to late to start exploring your options and potentially join this movement. We are currently offering a risk-free trial of our Widex BEYOND hearing aid technology at a nearby hearing care provider through our sign-up page. Simply submit your information to be contacted to setup your appointment.