NFL Team Executive Gets Back in the Game of Hearing

Published 18-04-2018
Last Updated04-12-2019

Learn how wearing Widex hearing aid technology early on has helped to keep his quality of life high.
Your either in the game or on the sidelines. I want to be in the game and that's why I need to have the best hearing technology possible.

For Brian, family always comes first

In his role working with a professional sports team, Brian experiences many challenges and thrills. Yet, his greatest joys come from his time spent with his family. Fortunately for Brian, he chose wisely to seek hearing care and wear hearing aid technology early into his encounters with hearing loss to not miss a moment with family and work colleagues. Being in-the-moment is a necessity when it comes to hearing and that's where he has found the most success with Widex hearing technology. 

My family is very important to me...To be able to adjust up or down the quality of what I am hearing is important...I need to be in the loop in the conversation. 

Experiencing every moment

As an avid lover of music, Brian was delighted at the superior sound quality of his favorite songs with Widex hearing aids. In his video interview, he shares a great story of spending hours asking his voice-operated media device to play a variety of songs at home. He jokes of his loud singing and lack of concern for the dog or neighbors. Additionally, the use of the BEYOND app has allowed him to both enjoy the music setting but also overcome background noise in loud settings like restaurants. 

The Widex hearing aids are best suited for me in being able to change the quality of the sound as far as music or in a restaurant. I can turn what I'm hearing to the left or the right depending on where I'm seated.

The only choice was to get hearing care

As far as Brian's hearing loss story, he states that he didn't have a choice when it came to seeking treatment or not. He knew how much his life depended on his ability to hear and keep up with important conversations, both in-person and on the phone. His Widex hearing aid technology and the complementing app have allowed him to maintain his daily pace. For him, going to the sidelines in life was never an option, he needed to stay in the game of hearing.