Learn how our innovative hearing and tinnitus solutions have evolved since our founding in 1956. 

Take a trip down memory lane with Widex co-founder Erik Westermann

When Christian Tøpholm and I first came up with the idea to begin our own hearing aid company, we never imagined just how big the company would become... 

A Look at Widex' Past

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Widex releases its first hearing aid, the Widex 561, an elegant device carried in the user’s pocket.

Jeff Loran, Widex toolmaker, recalls seeing Christian Tøpholm on the floor, “It meant a lot to be visited by a director who, like us, was interested in technology.”

A dispenser in Ohio used a Mini Cooper to earn consumer attention.

Widex wins the ID PRIZE, a prestigious design award, for the world’s first in-the-ear hearing aid to provide the same high technical quality as the best behind-the-ear hearing aids.

Widex releases the Quattro™ Q8, the first digitally programmable hearing aid  with remote control. 

The world’s first fully digital in-the-ear hearing aid, the Widex Senso™, goes to market. 10 years later, CNN recognizes modern digital hearing aids as one of the top 25 innovations of the previous 25 years.

The Widex Inteo™ becomes the first hearing aid to deliver a tailor-made  sound experience. 

Widex’ new headquarters office in Denmark opens. Powered by wind, the completely CO2 neutral HQ demonstrates our commitment to social responsibility.

The Widex UNIQUE™  takes digital processing to a new level, capturing more sound than any other hearing market available on the market.

Widex EVOKE™  becomes the world’s first hearing aid with machine learning in the form of SoundSense Learn.

Widex continues to pave the way for exciting new innovations in hearing technology…


Scroll through the historic images of the years