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Widex hearing aid new CLEAR440 model
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Widex introduces FUSION, a new model in the CLEAR family of wireless hearing aids. FUSION suits most types of hearing loss, from minimal to severe-to-profound.

Being part of the CLEAR family, FUSION uses WidexLink - the first wireless technology designed specifically for hearing aids. 

FUSION - one model fits all

The flexibility of FUSION means that it can suit most types of hearing loss, from minimal to severe-to-profound. Your hearing care professional can fit FUSION with three different receivers, as well as various ear-tip and custom earmould options, to suit your needs.
This gives you some great advantages:

More performance

Even with FUSION’s small housing, there is room for a 312 battery, which is easy to handle and has an extremely long battery life and excellent performance.

Phone calls in both hearing aids

The Phone+ feature processes and transmits phone signals from one hearing aid to the other without delay. This means that for the first time, you can hear mobile and landline phone calls in both hearing aids without the use of extra devices.

Reduced wind noise

Disturbance from wind noise is a common challenge. FUSION features a new and improved microphone cover that significantly reduces wind noise.

Easier listening

A new stable, robust telecoil is designed specifically to fit in FUSION’s small housing, meaning that it’s easier to use in more listening situations.