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CLEAR benefits for you


Clear and natural sound

Thanks to the revolutionary wireless technology in CLEAR, your hearing aids can communicate with each other instantly and without delay. This gives you a clear and detailed sound that is as close to natural as possible. Even in noisy environments.

Locate and focus on sound from any direction

It can often be a challenge determining which direction sounds come from. CLEAR actually helps you in locating the direction of the sound. Perfect if you’re sitting at a dinner party and want to focus on one particular person’s conversation, for example.

Clear speech

CLEAR helps you distinguish between noise and speech. At a dinner party for example, CLEAR makes it easier for you to single out someone speaking against a background of noise.

Partner alarm

The wireless technology in CLEAR ensures that your hearing aids are always connected to each other. But if for some reason connection is lost, you are alerted immediately by a beep sound and an LED light.

Enjoy music or TV

By combining CLEAR with our assistive listening devices, you can enjoy watching television (without any echo), listening to music or using your mobile - all completely wirelessly.

Reduced wind noise

Disturbance from wind noise is a common challenge for all hearing aid users. The CLEAR FUSION model features a new and improved microphone cover that significantly reduces wind noise.

Phone calls in both hearing aids

The CLEAR440 and CLEAR330 FUSION and 9 models have a new function called Phone+ that transmits phone signals from one hearing aid to the other without delay. This means that you can hear mobile and landline phone calls in both hearing aids without the use of extra devices.